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The 2024 NOTICES OF APPRAISED VALUE have been mailed for Real Estate, Business Personal Property and Mineral properties.


Criminals Impersonating State, Threatening to Seize Assets

Some taxpayers have received fraudulent letters claiming the state of Texas will seize their assets and property for unpaid taxes unless payment is made within seven days. These illegitimate letters did not originate from the Comptroller’s office. Please see our Taxpayer Alerts or click the link below for the full details of this and other scams.

View Taxpayer Alerts Page


Per Texas Property Tax Code Sec. 1.085, a property owner or person designated by the owner may elect to receive  communication through electronic delivery. In the section, communication means a notice, rendition, application form, completed application, report, filing, statement, appraisal review board order, bill or other item of information required or permitted to be delivered under a provision of this title.

The property owner or person designated under TPTC Sec 1.111(f) may fill out an online form by using the universal Property Record Search located in the Navigation menu. An online form must be filled out for each account by using the hyperlink labeled, “Request Electronic Communication.” Once submitted, the District staff will send out a confirmation receipt with additional information. This request must be done on a web browser.


The chief appraiser's article "Let's Talk Property Tax Matters" includes information about current appraisal district and tax office activities. Please contact us at the email address above if you have any property tax appraisal or collections questions you would like us to answer.


Effective 06/01/2013

In addition to your homestead application with your signature affirming that the property is your principal residence, you must provide a current (or unexpired) Texas driver's license for each owner. All drivers' licenses (or Texas IDs) must have the same mailing address as the property location listed on your homestead application. See the Homestead Documentation link under the General section or contact us for more information.


Not sure if our offices are open?

Check the Holiday Schedule under the About ECAD section in the navigation bar for future holiday closings. The Appraisal District offices are also closed if local weather stations are reporting dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather.


Need to pay your taxes online?

Simply find your property using the Property Records Search from the Navigation bar to the left, select it from the list, then open the UNPAID TAX AMOUNT to see the PAY NOW button.


The appraisal district does not sell a product on which the price can be increased in order to recoup the cost of credit card processing fees. We would have to increase our budget to cover the additional cost. Because only a percentage of tax payments are processed using a credit card as the means of payment, the appraisal district has chosen not to increase our budget in order for the district to pay the processing fees. Our budget is funded by all taxpayers and we will not place the additional cost burden of a convenience fee on taxpayers who do not utilize the credit card option.


See the new Search Inactive Accts (Owner Name or Owner Number) with Unpaid Taxes in the Navigation bar? Use this feature for:

Unpaid taxes for accounts that are no longer active in the appraisal file.

(Example: taxes are due for prior years on Lot 5. For the current appraisal year, Lot 5 now has 2 accounts - W/2 of Lot 5 and E/2 of Lot 5.)

(Example: taxes are due for prior years on a personal property mobile home that is no longer in Ector County)

Unpaid City of Odessa taxes for properties in Midland County

(Example: Mission Estates, Mission Greens) ECAD has only City of Odessa tax information for these properties. For appraisal information (such as value, ownership and exemption), contact Midland Central Appraisal District.


Mineral Searches and Payment Processing are now available. Find your owner information using the Search Mineral Property (Owner Name or Owner Number) in the Navigation bar to the left, select it from the list, then open the UNPAID TAX AMOUNT to see the PAY NOW button.

Mission Statement

To courteously and respectfully serve local governmental entities and the public of Ector County, Texas by providing accurate, timely and efficient property appraisal and tax collection services.

Our Goal

ECAD continues to seek new ways to assist taxpayers through this site and we hope that you find our website both easy to use and informative. Should you have questions or suggestions for additional information you'd like to see, please contact us at the phone number or email address above.