Confidential Information Policy

It is the intention of the District to comply with all applicable law and, to the extent possible, with wishes of property owners and other members of the public, with respect to the protection of information deemed or considered to be confidential. In order to avoid confusion and inconsistency, the District therefore adopts the following policy:

The following documents and information in the possession of the District will be considered to be confidential and not open to public viewing or inspection, unless disclosure is required by law or court order:

  1. Exemption and special appraisal applications and documents or information pertaining thereto
  2. Litigation files
  3. Personal files
  4. Financial information, including without limitation income and expense information, division orders, lease operating expense data, and reserve information
  5. Vehicle inventory tax reports and related documents and information
  6. Requests for confidentiality by peace officers, judges and others whose personal information is subject to protection by various legislative enactments
  7. Business personal property renditions
  8. Sales prices and sales information